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Dace A

“Our whole family uses Miessence Complete Protein powder every day. After listening to “Fridays with Narelle” I learnt the importance of getting enough of complete protein in our diet. We don’t eat meat every day so I was looking for alternatives to animal products. I am so glad we found something that is plant based and doesn’t have any fillers or artificial vitamins or sweeteners. I know that every ingredient in the Miessence Complete protein powder is beneficial to my family. Since taking the powder every day for the last couple of months I have lost 1kg of body weight without changing anything and our son, a very active 11 year old has put on weight (very good thing for him and me!). My favorite breakfast for the last couple of months has been – 2 tbs Miessence complete protein powder, 1 tsp of Inliven and Deep Green, a couple of tbs of chia seeds, a dash of cinnamon and turmeric all mixed with some water. Love it!”