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Katy M

Hi! I have been recently impressed by the Outdoor Balm and I wanted to share my experience. My cousin has extremely sensitive skin when it comes to using sunscreens. She told me of how she has to wash the sunscreen off as soon as she gets home because she comes up in an irritating rash all over her skin. I was keen to see how the Miessence Outdoor Balm faired on her skin as I know many other people with the same skin condition - sensitivity to sunscreens. I ordered some and she tried it. The first thing she commented on was how it didn't feel like a sunscreen, that it felt more like a moisturiser. She loved the smell and after the full day of having it on, she said that she almost forgot she had it on. She had no rash and her skin was well moisturised after a day in the sun. Well done on a brilliant solution to sunscreen!