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Happi Multi-Purpose Starter pack
Happi Multi-Purpose Starter pack

Happi Multi-Purpose Starter pack

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Organic Bio-fermented Coconut water
The raw fermentation process of the coconut water creates natural acids and enzymes that help break down stains into small pieces which make it easier for the soapberry concentrate to remove them.
Organic raw sugar
As it's almost completely dissolved, the raw sugar adds a very mild abrasive quality to the Happi multi-purpose cleaner.
Organic Lime essential oil 
Through its natural constituent limonene, lime essential oil effectively penetrates harder cell walls and destroys unwanted bacteria.
Organic Coconut Flavour
When combining Coconut flavour essence with organic lime essential oil simply gives off a wonderfully refreshing aroma. 
Organic Soybean Glycerine Happi uses an organic bean glycerine that naturally helps to dissolve soils without leaving a residue

Organic soapberry nut super-concentrate
The Happi super-concentrated soapberry extract has superb cleaning qualities, is hypoallergenic and has been used in Aruvedic medicine for thousands of years to treat such skin problems as eczema & psoriasis.


Animal testing, All synthetic surfactants, Synthetic preservatives, GMO enzymes, Ammonia agents, Butyl Ethers, Chlorine bleach, Phospahets, Zeolites, Synthetic fragrances, Artificial colours, Synthetic preservatives and Fillers


All household surfaces, kitchens, bathrooms, toilet seats, bathroom tiles and shower areas and even scuff marks on walls.  Suitable for all surfaces such as enamel, ceramics, porcelain, stainless steel, marble floors, chrome and glass.

Ideal for cleaning kitchen surfaces where food is stored or prepared such as stoves, bench-tops, sinks, kitchen tiles and all white goods such as fridges.

Happi can also be used to clean your car to get an ultimate shine as well as a whiteboard cleaner.


Dilute at a ratio of one part Happi to eleven parts water.

General Surface Cleaning:

Spray directly onto the surface and wipe


For more difficult areas increase the ratio of Happi accordingly.  Spray Happi and leave to sit for between 15 - 30 seconds before wiping.


Test areas with mould by spraying Happi and leaving to sit for around 15 - 30 seconds.  If not sufficient to clean, increase the ratio of Happi to water.